Coffee is ...

Coffee is ...

Coffee is many things. It’s energy, community, connection, comfort, inspiration, exploration. Coffee is personal and tied to experiences— it means something different to everyone.

For this year’s Specialty Coffee Association Expo, we wanted to celebrate all coffee encompasses. We enlisted the artistic genius of our friend, Timber Charter, to help us create an art installation that begins to paint a picture–literally–of what coffee means to all of us.

Timber crafted a giant canvas that poses the beginning of a phrase: “Coffee is _____.” The piece invites Expo attendees to fill in their response on a magnet and place it on the canvas.

This mural is a fun way to get a sense of what coffee means to the people with whom we interact, but it’s also a physical representation of the strong thread woven through the expansive community connected through coffee. When complete, the mural will depict a tapestry of words and phrases conveying the many thoughts and feelings evoked by coffee.

Coffee is warmth. Coffee is familiarity. Coffee is creativity. Coffee is you. Coffee is us.

What does coffee mean to you?