Modern Diner

The modern diner mug creates a sense of nostalgia while also providing a sense of  contemporary. Durable, and long-lasting, just the way a diner mug should be.
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Modern Diner
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Modern Diner

Product Details

Made with the highest quality clay we can find, we fire our mugs at 2,500 degrees so we can create the most durable, vitreous surface possible. We also use filtered water and purified air so minerals and dust don’t compromise what we’ve made, just for you.

Restaurant Grade
Specialty Sizes
Gives Back

Product Features

- Comfortable design you want to hold
- Globally-minded and responsibly made
- Crafted for specialty coffee
- Made with the highest quality clay we can find
- Fired at incredibly high temperatures to create the most durable surface possible
- Hospitality grade
- Made to handle commercial dishwashers

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