Custom Case Study: Blue Sparrow Coffee


When Blue Sparrow Coffee reached out to us to help redesign their cafe ceramics line, we were thrilled to help. Located in Denver, Colorado, Blue Sparrow Coffee is an exceptional example of a coffee shop providing more than just coffee to their local community. As a company Blue Sparrow is dedicated to their sustainability and being an active supporter of the local arts community, Here is a closer look at the several custom ceramics items we developed for their cafe.



With a gorgeous rosetta game, Blue Sparrow Coffee wanted to invest in a ceramics collection that would showcase their barista talent. We customized our Small Latte mugs with their signature blue feather design. Each of these cups are created with high quality clay, fired to 2,00 degrees and offer endless durability for restaurant grade performance. 

A Note on Decal Process: We decided the best way to bring to life the Blue Sparrow design was to use a hand-applied decal technique and process with high firing. This ensures that each design will provide aesthetic fidelity and durable adherence that is consumer safe and can withstand the demands of commercial cleanings.


To expand on their core brand design and diversify retail offerings, Blue Sparrow Coffee selected to launch a custom line of the Large Crescent mugs. The design features their same signature blue color, with the inverse feather pattern wrapping seamlessly around the mug body. The Crescent Mug collection provides the same quality and is a perfect take-home retail option for coffee lovers. 

A Note on Decoration: Specialty cafes work so hard to create an aesthetically pleasing environment and brand that aligns with the quality of their coffees. In an effort to support our cafe partners, we have some of the lowest minimums available for custom glazes. A fully-custom glaze allows a cafe to create a one-of-a-kind colorway that matches the brand and environment they work so hard to create.

If you're interested in exploring your own custom ceramics or stainless steel line, please reach out to us here.