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How Each Cup is Crafted



We fire at 2,500 degrees fahrenheit. Why? Because when you fire at temperatures that hot, it creates a vitreous surface that is incredibly durable.



We source and test our raw materials. Why? To ensure that the clay is of the highest quality available.



We filter the water. Why? Because water often comes with minerals that could destroy the purity of our raw materials.



We purify the air. Why? Because it keeps the dust out and that means there's no dreaded black specks under the glaze.


Angle Collection

An angle is the figure formed by two lines extending from the same point. We like to think of our community in the same way: people connected by a common point. The sharp angles and bold lines of this collection are like the unique qualities in all of us; yet, even these lines find union with each other, much the points of connection that form the basis of our relationships to each other.

Curve Collection

A curve occurs when there is a turn, change, or deviation from a straight line or plane. This collection represents our mindset when it comes to doing business: the status quo simply isn’t enough. Providing excellent services means disrupting complacency, both in the drinkware industry, and for the businesses who stock our drinkware. You’ll never look at a rounded handle the same way again.

Drip Collection

Brewed coffee is relaxed and free flowing—no complicated mechanics or fancy espresso machine necessary. Our Drip Collection embodies this free spirit, with smooth edges, wide mouths, and easy-to-grip handles. These mugs beg for a newspaper and a cozy chair.