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Inspiring, Connecting, and Empowering People

We believe that everyone was created for a purpose. Seeking ours led us to launch the Created Co., where it’s our goal to help others discover the creative, spiritual, and physical endeavors they were made to fulfill. When you pick up one of our wares, we want you to not only feel the weight of quality materials, but the impact of the community behind it. Our hope is that our mugs and the Created community will empower you to create good, whether that be through art, philanthropy, business, or human connection.

Ryan Schneider

The Heart. Brings all the feels!

  • Favorite Book. Books?
  • Favorite Food Item. French Dip Sandwich
  • Favorite Word. Party!

Jeremy Moss

The Head. Supplies a healthy dose of reason.

  • Favorite Book. Shoe Dog
  • Favorite Food Item. Breakfast Burrito
  • Favorite Word. Exactly

Our Story

We've been close friends since high school and over the years we've worked together, volunteered together, and dreamed up thousands of ideas together. We always knew we would start a business together someday, and Created Co. has enabled that elusive “someday” to become today. It’s our desire to build a business that stays true to the things we believe in: truth, community, and empowerment. So yeah, we're the mug guys. But it's always been about so much more than mugs. 


More than a mug.
It's empowerment.
It's community.

We cut our teeth in the hospitality industry, witnessing the power of a service-oriented mindset and an entrepreneurial spirit. We view each of our customers as a potential new relationship, rather than just a number on a spreadsheet. We were launched through the support of community, and it’s our mission to inspire, connect, and empower our growing community through quality-crafted mugs, cutting-edge design, and supporting partners with a mission of doing good in the world.

Giving Back

When we asked ourselves what we were created to do, one answer came immediately: we have a responsibility to create good in the world. Everyone has the power to inspire change around them, and we saw an opportunity to use our products to help supply clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

When you purchase a product from the Created Co., a portion of net profits are donated to  charity : water. We chose charity : water as our philanthropic partner because they embody the values most important to us: transparency, relationship-building, and a long-term commitment to positive change.

The Grind

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Rally for Coffee

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