Product Care


Many users appreciate the Created Co NOMAD mug for its odor-resistance and ability to maintain the integrity of beverage flavors. However, some users have reported issues with odors, especially when the tumbler is new or not cleaned regularly. This seems to be less of an issue over time with proper care and cleaning.


Care Guide:


Created Co suggests best practices for maintaining the mug. They recommend thorough cleaning, particularly of the silicone gasket and any lid grooves, to prevent odor buildup. This includes removing the gasket for cleaning to ensure that no coffee or other beverage residues remain that could cause odors.


A practical solution shared by users involves giving the mug and its components a thorough wash and airing them out regularly. Some suggest using baking soda or vinegar solutions for deep cleaning if odors persist. Ensuring the mug is completely dry before resealing it has also been highlighted as a crucial step in odor management.



  • Regular Cleaning: Wash the mug and its components regularly, particularly after each use, to prevent odor buildup.

  • Deep Cleaning: Occasionally use a baking soda or vinegar solution for a more thorough cleaning, especially if persistent odors develop.

  • Dry Thoroughly: Ensure that the mug and all parts are completely dry before reassembling and storing to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to odors.

  • Clean the Gasket: Remove and clean the silicone gasket and the grooves in the lid regularly to remove any trapped coffee or beverage residues.

  • Air Out: After washing and drying, leave the mug and parts out to air occasionally, which helps in dissipating any residual odors.


Overall, while the Created Co NOMAD mug is highly regarded for its design and functionality, like any reusable mug, it requires regular and thorough cleaning to maintain its best qualities and prevent issues like odor buildup.